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Title: ‘Streamed’ voices : Facebook posts and related thoughts on mainstreaming and inclusion
Authors: Flamich, Maria
Hoffmann, Rita
Keywords: Mainstreaming in education
Inclusive education -- Hungary
Social media in education
Students with disabilities -- Hungary
Issue Date: 2017-12
Publisher: University of Malta. Faculty of Education
Citation: Flamich, M., & Hoffmann, R. (2017). ‘Streamed’ voices : Facebook posts and related thoughts on mainstreaming and inclusion. Malta Review of Educational Research, 11(2), 205-221.
Abstract: Several studies conducted in the recent past reveal that a large number of Hungarian mainstream teachers say they are unable and unprepared to deal with disabled students in the classroom. This paper aims to examine what the reasons for the above situation might be. In order to gain deeper insight into teachers’ uncertainty, we listen to students’ voices. As insider researchers, having visual impairments ourselves, we also take a look into the present outcomes of an ongoing research where we examine visually impaired secondary school and university students’ narratives, Facebook posts and interviews, so that we can understand how students experience mainstreaming and inclusion. As opposed to the Facebook group, where students actively discuss their problems, in the research secondary school students were silent. Only university students’ voices could be heard. This passive attitude provokes numerous questions: What makes them silent? Is it the loneliness of mainstreaming? Are they too often misunderstood? Are they treated according to stereotypes? Students’ voices imply that teacher education needs reconsideration, and that, except for the cultural model of disability, each model fails to paint a holistic picture of disabled people’s lives. Listening to students’ voices is not only an important part of the cultural context but also a basic need without which both mainstream and inclusive education remains pure theory.
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MRER, Volume 11, Issue 2

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