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Title: Detection and quantitation of the fetal hemoglobin variant Hb F-Malta-I in adults
Authors: Altay, Gultekin
Garver, Fred A.
Bannister, William H.
Grech, Joseph L.
Huisman, Titus Hendrik Jan
Felice, Alex E.
Keywords: Fetal hemoglobin
Hemoglobin polymorphisms
Hemoglobin -- Malta
Issue Date: 1977
Publisher: Springer
Citation: Altay, G., Garver, F., Bannister, W. H., Grech, J. L., Felice, A., & Huisman, T. H. J. (1977). Detection and quantitation of the fetal hemoglobin variant Hb F-Malta-I in adults. Biochemical Genetics, 15(9-10), 915-923.
Abstract: A variant of fetal hemoglobin (Hb F-Malta-I) has been detected and quantitated in adult blood with a sensitive radioimmunoassay employing monospecific anti-sera. The concentration of Hb F-Malta-I was 0.002-0.05%, with an average value of 0.011%. The ratio of Hb F-Malta-I/Hb F in adults was about 4.8%, compared to a ratio of about 27% in the newborn. Since the F-Malta-I variant is a product of a mutated Gγ locus, which is one of the nonallelic structural genes directing the γ chain synthesis, its presence in blood of adults shows that the synthesis of this gene is not completely suppressed after birth, as was previously suggested.
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