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Title: Brocche Base Ring II da contesti del Bronzo Medio in Sicilia : produzione levantina, cipriota, o locale? Alcune considerazioni
Authors: Alberti, Gianmarco
Keywords: Bronze age -- Sicily
Bronze age -- Cyprus
Pottery, Ancient -- Sicily
Pottery, Ancient -- Cyprus
Contracts, Maritime -- Sicily
Contracts, Maritime -- Cyprus
Issue Date: 2015-12
Publisher: Firenze University Press
Citation: Alberti, G. (2015). Brocche Base Ring II da contesti del Bronzo Medio in Sicilia : produzione levantina, cipriota, o locale? Alcune considerazioni. AKROTINIA. Contributi di Giovani Ricercatori Italiani Agli Studi Egei e Ciprioti, Firenze. 1-18.
Abstract: Amongst the Cypriot pottery from Middle Bronze Age tomb contexts of southeastern Sicily, the Base Ring II jugs remain somewhat as far as chronology and manufacture centre are concerned. Different opinions exist on the topic: Cypriot, Levantine, local or Aegean origin. In the author’ view, a better definition of the chronology of the jugs can shed light on the problem of the manufacture centre as well. In this paper it will be attempted to pinpoint the chronology of the entrance of the jugs in the local contexts on the ground of both typological and contextual data. Then, it will be taken into account the technical, stylistical and typological features of the Cypriot and Levantine specimens in order to valuate whether or not they are consistent with the features of the “Sicilian” jugs. For the sake of the article’s argument, the chronology of the Levantine Cypriot-type imitations in relations to the date suggested for the Sicilian specimens will be also considered. As a result, the hypothesis of the Levantine production will turn out to be questionable, on the grounds of technical, stylistical and chronological considerations. It will be also stressed the consistence of some features with a genuine Cypriot manufacture.
ISSN: 9788866557661
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