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The Gerontology Unit, formerly known as the European Centre for Gerontology, is considered to be one of the leading international centres for the study of gerontology and geriatrics. Its teaching and research have made an invaluable contribution to our understanding of older persons, later life and ageing. The Unit brings together academic experts from a wide range of disciplines, with students reading for the Master Degree in Gerontology and Geriatrics, and Doctor of Philosophy, being past graduates of a variety of professions that include medicine, psychiatry, nursing, allied health professions, law, psychology, social policy, social work, and sociology. Graduates of the Unit pursue a range of careers. Many work in consultant and specialist positions in geriatric medicine, and others progressed to hold policy and social science appointments, around the world. The Unit is highly active in engaging in public debates on issues that concern older people through the organisation of conferences and forums. Mission Statement: The Gerontology Unit puts emphasises on didactic teaching on ageing welfare policy, social and biological theories of ageing, quality of life in old age, and researching ageing and later life. Spearheaded by the academic output of its academic staff, the Unit lies at the forefront of scholarly activity and publications, as well as European and international collaborations related to ageing, older adults, and later life. A major focus of the Unit is the role of the interdisciplinary team practice in geriatric care. The benefit of using an interdisciplinary team approach is a theme emphasised throughout the gerontology curriculum and the geriatric clinical setting.


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