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Title: Formation of stakeholders’ client capital of trade institutions
Authors: Galazova, Svetlana Sergeevna
Manuylenko, Viktoriya Valeryevna
Morgoev, Boris Temirbolatovich
Lipchiu, Nina Vladimirovna
Biganova, Madina Alexandrovna
Keywords: Trade regulation
International trade
Business enterprises -- Data processing
Client/server computing
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: University of Piraeus. International Strategic Management Association
Citation: Galazova, S. S., Manuylenko, V. V., Morgoev, B. T., Lipchiu, N. V., & Biganova, M. A. (2017). Formation of stakeholders’ client capital of trade institutions. Formation of stakeholders’ client capital of trade institutions, 20(4B), 398-411.
Abstract: The study’s theory block introduces the term of “stakeholders’ client capital” of trade institutions based on monetary approach; the key (ability to generate revenue) and specific (lack of physical shipper, intangibility, added economic value) properties of the latter were clarified; logical interrelation of concepts "client", "clients database "and "stakeholders’ client capital" was established; relationship of trade organizations with corporate clients were classified in such attributes as transactions, cooperation and partnership. In practical terms, conformity of balance capital structure of trade organizations to the stakeholders’ theory was assessed, and the assessment clearly showed inconsistency and justified the need to consider the stakeholders’ client capital which is a strategic resource within the off-balance sheet commitments. As a result, perspective vectors to assess and qualitatively form stakeholders' client capital were identified in line with the principles of sufficient consumers’ awareness on institutions and services, geographical accessibility and availability of the office services, accessibility and efficiency of the company's out-of-office and on-line services, professional services, transparency of business service processes, etc.
ISSN: 11082976
Appears in Collections:European Research Studies Journal, Volume 20, Issue 4, Part B

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