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Title: Comparative analysis of the competitiveness of food markets : the case of Kazakhstan, Russia, France and Belarus
Authors: Rasulova, A.
Bolatkyzy, S.
Elshibaev, R.
Raiymbekova, A.
Tursynbayeva, D.
Keywords: Food industry and trade -- Russia
Food industry and trade -- Kazakhstan
Food industry and trade -- France
Food industry and trade -- Belarus
Food law and legislation -- Russia
Food law and legislation -- Kazakhstan
Food law and legislation -- France
Food law and legislation -- Belarus
Competition, International
Butter mold industry -- Russia
Butter mold industry -- France
Butter mold industry -- Belarus
Butter mold industry -- Kazakhstan
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: University of Piraeus. International Strategic Management Association
Citation: Rasulova, A., Bolatkyzy, S., Elshibaev, R., & Raiymbekova, A. (2018). Comparative analysis of the competitiveness of food markets : the case of Kazakhstan, Russia, France and Belarus. European Research Studies Journal, 21(4), 343-355.
Abstract: The purpose of this article is to identify the reasons for the competitiveness of products, namely butter, manufactured in France, Belarus and Russia, and their wide use in the Kazakhstani market for 2011-2016, by comparing the food industry and the agricultural sector. The main problem of import substitution in Kazakhstan is the non-competitiveness of domestic industrial enterprises, which shows that they do not pay attention to product quality. Research questions are: Why do consumers in Kazakhstan prefer imported butter? What are the main criteria for this choice? Why are butter manufacturers in Kazakhstan not competitive? The study is aimed at performing the analysis of literarure review of butter production in Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and France, as well as identifying what aspects of the quality, import and competition of butter are discussed in Kazakhstan, Belarus, Russia and France.
ISSN: 11082976
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