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Title: An educational path on optical spectroscopy as a bridge from classical to modern Physics to overcome conceptual knots
Authors: Buongiorno, Daniele
Michelini, Marisa
Keywords: Physics -- Study and teaching
University of Udine. Department of Mathematics, Informatics and Physics. Physics Education Research Unit
Optical spectroscopy -- Research
Optical spectroscopy -- Study and teaching
Educational change
Educational innovations
Physics -- Research
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: University of Malta. Junior College
Citation: Buongiorno, D. & Michelini, M. (2018). An educational path on optical spectroscopy as a bridge from classical to modern Physics to overcome conceptual knots. Junior College multi-disciplinary conference : research, practice and collaboration : Breaking Barriers : annual conference, Malta. 123-136.
Abstract: Optical spectroscopy is a conceptual referent linking classical and modern physics which provides experiments on the atomic structure and light-matter interaction. Its disciplinary relevance, as well as its importance on the cultural and social levels is widely recognized but few efforts have been made to integrate those aspects in education. Our Physics Education Research Unit from Udine University (Italy) designed an educational method on optical spectroscopy for secondary school students to directly involve them in experimental and interpretative tasks which allow them to highlight the link between energy level in atoms and luminous emission. In the theoretical framework of the Model of Educational Reconstruction, the educational approach involves an analysis of the main conceptual knots on the basis of a significant - if not vast - literature concerning the interpretation of optical spectra. By means of design-based research methods, we designed several intervention modules in which interpretative issues related to the analysis of simple optical spectra from different sources are highlighted using inquiry-based learning strategies. Learning outcomes were monitored by means of empirical research using pre/post-tests and tutorials.
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