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Title: Status and conservation of cetaceans in the Sicily channel / Tunisian plateau
Authors: Aissi, Mehdi
Vella, Adriana
Keywords: Marine ecology -- Mediterranean Sea
Marine ecology -- Italy -- Sicily
Marine ecology -- Tunisia
Cetacea -- Italy -- Sicily
Cetacea -- Tunisia
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: Regional Activity Centre for Specially Protected Areas
Citation: Aissi, M., & Vella, A. (2015). Status and conservation of cetaceans in the Sicily channel/Tunisian plateau. Twelfth Meeting of Focal Points for Specially Protected Areas, Athens. 1-34.
Abstract: The Mediterranean is a semi-enclosed marginal sea with sea-beds up to 5000 m deep (the maximum depth is 5121 m in the Matapan-Vavilov Deep, off the Southern coast of Greece, with an average depth of 2500 m). It harbours most of the same distinctive biodiversity key geomorphologic structures in other regions of the world such as submarine canyons, seamounts, mud volcanoes or deep trenches (WWF/IUCN, 2004).
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