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  • Formosa, Marvin (Allied Newspapers Ltd., 2017-07)
    There is no doubt that the term active ageing' has become a catchphrase of our era, a slogan bandied about in conferences, symposia, and seminars by academics, policy-makers, trade unionists, non-governmental organisations ...
  • Scerri, Charles; Ferry, Peter; Scerri, Anthony; Farrugia Bonello, Rosette; Zahra, Anthony; Mamo, David (Medical Portals Ltd., 2013)
    In these last few years, there has been a growing consensus in Europe and beyond on the need of increasing research on neurodegenerative diseases including Alzheimer's disease and other related dementias. The societal ...
  • Zammit, Paul; Ferry, Peter; Cordina, John; Vassallo, Mark; Dalli, Stephanie; Vella, Antoine; Bugeja, Vincent; Muscat, Jeffrey; Zammit, Kristian (Malta Medical Journal, 2016)
    The orthogeriatric service in Malta started in 2012 and expanded in 2014. From admission, the patient is offered a ward based hip fracture programme that includes orthogeriatric assessment, management and co-ordinated ...
  • Formosa, Marvin (Malta Chamber of Scientists, 2015-08)
    This paper reports on a research study on the role of assistive technologies in later life. Re- search questions included what is the impact of assistive technologies on the quality of life of older service-users, and ...
  • Ferry, Peter (Malta College of Family Doctors, 2013-12)
    Diogenes Syndrome is a syndrome of extreme selfneglect, domestic squalor, excessive hoarding, social withdrawal and refusal of all help and lack of concern regarding one’s personal residential situation. A case report of ...
  • Ferry, Peter (Malta College of Family Doctors, 2013-12)
    Malta has been in the forefront of both Geriatrics and Gerontology since 1988 with the establishment of the International Institute on Ageing. Definitions of Geriatric medicine and gerontology are described, as well as ...
  • Formosa, Marvin (2011)
    A key rationale in older adult education is critical educational gerontology [CEG]. CEG is concerned with the centrality of politics and powers in the way that late-life education works, with its ultimate goal being the ...
  • Formosa, Marvin (2005)
    This publication constitutes an edited collection of papers arising from the ‘Lifelong Learning in the Mediterranean Conference’ that was held in Malta in September 2003. The idea of lifelong learning has long been a central ...
  • Formosa, Marvin (1998)
    Overall, the proceedings is a challenging read. The approach is highly abstract, most papers are thought engaging, and as a whole promotes a new path for lifelong education. It acknowledges learners not as merely objects, ...
  • Formosa, Marvin (2011)
    This paper explores the extent to which older persons living in the Northern and Southern Harbour regions in Malta are prone to processes and conditions of social exclusion. In this study, seven dimensions of social exclusion ...
  • Formosa, Marvin (Midsea Books, 2012)
    An ageing population presents itself as an opportunity to communities because many older adults are committed, long-time residents, who contribute their time and energy to local issues. Older persons are both a social ...
  • Formosa, Marvin (Malta Communications Authority, 2015)
    Mature learning refers to the process in which adults aged in the (circa) 50 - 75 age bracket, individually and in association with others, engage in direct encounter and then purposefully reflect upon, validate, transform, ...
  • Formosa, Marvin (2004)
    Book review of Antonnen, A., Baldock, J. and Spila, J. (2003) The young, the old and the state: Social care systems in five industrial nations.
  • Formosa, Marvin (2008)
    Book review of Mayo, P. (2008). Adult education in Malta. Germany: DVV International.
  • Formosa, Marvin (2009)
    Book review of Loretto, W., Vickerstaff, S. and White P. (eds.) (2007) The future for older workers: New perspectives. Bristol: Policy Press.
  • Formosa, Marvin (2012)
    Book review of Ceci, C., Bjornsdottir, K. and Purkis, M.E. (eds.) (2011). Perspectives on care at home for older people. New York: Routledge.
  • Formosa, Marvin (2014)
    Book review of Ervik, R. and Skogedal Lindén, T. (eds) (2013). The making of ageing policy: Theory and practice in Europe. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar.
  • Formosa, Marvin (Cambridge University Press, 2015)
    Book review of Baars, J., Dohmen, J., Grenier, A. and Phillipson, C. (eds.) (2013). Ageing, meaning and social structure: Connecting critical and humanistic gerontology.
  • Formosa, Marvin (Sage, 2013)
    This chapter presents a critical analysis of that interface between older adult learning and lifelong learning in a EU context. It includes four parts. Whilst the first introduces the key dynamics of older adult learning, ...
  • Formosa, Marvin; Arrigo, Philippa (European Anti-Poverty Network, 2007)
    This research report documents the carrying out of focus group research to reflect the drive of EAPN Malta to continue aiding the development of existing national strategies for social protection and social inclusion in ...

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