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Title: A new binary star system of EA type in Perseus : UCAC4 735-019611
Authors: Brincat, Stephen
Galdies, Charles
Grech, Winston
Keywords: Double stars
Issue Date: 2019-01
Publisher: Ceske Astronomicke Spolecnost. Sekce Promennych Hved a Exoplanet
Citation: Brincat, S. M., Galdies, C., & Grech, W. (2019). A new binary star system of EA type in Perseus: UCAC4 735-019611. Open European Journal on Variable Stars, 194, 1.
Abstract: Discovery of a new binary star system (UCAC4 735-019611 = USNO-B1.0 1469-0068570 = 2MASS J01561032+5657563) in the Perseus constellation is presented. It was discovered during asteroid photometric work. The shape of the light curve and its characteristics (period of 2.12701 ± 0.00001d, amplitude of V=0.55 mag, initial minimum period epoch HJD 2457363.37784) indicates that the new variable star is an eclipsing binary of Algol (EA) type. We registered this variable star in the International Variable Star Index (VSX) and its AAVSO UID is 000-BLW-283.
ISSN: 18015964
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