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Title: Philosophy of medicine : is there such a thing? : part 1
Authors: Mallia, Pierre
Keywords: Medicine -- Philosophy
Medical ethics
Issue Date: 2008-07
Publisher: Medical Portals Ltd.
Citation: Mallia, P. (2008). Philosophy of medicine : is there such a thing? : part 1. The Synapse : the Medical Professionals' Network, 4, 14.
Abstract: The first thing we need to ask is whether philosophy of science matters at all for medicine; and indeed what do we mean by philosophy of science anyway? Perhaps the best way is to answer the question whether medicine, as a science, depends on tradition, and secondly, if there is a tradition, what are the goals of this tradition. Prima facie most doctors would agree that there is a tradition of medicine, which is to heal patients and to do good. Yet this tradition is being challenged when some doctors feel it their duty of assist in ending the life of a suffering individual. When one asks whether this is or should be the goal of medicine, one is making an inquiry about the philosophy of one's practice. Even if it is not the aim, the ethos, of medicine, it may still be within the grasp of the general aim of scientific method. To illustrate this better, we can use reproductive technology or stem cell research as an example. Scientific advances in these areas by no means hold back the medical profession from using them; at least the former.
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The Synapse, Issue 04/08

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