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Title: Update on H1N1 virus : november 2009
Authors: Melillo Fenech, Tanya
Keywords: H1N1 influenza -- Epidemiology
H1N1 influenza -- Vaccination
Issue Date: 2009-11
Publisher: Medical Portals Ltd.
Citation: Melillo Fenech, T. (2009). Update on H1N1 virus : november 2009. The Synapse : the Medical Professionals' Network, 6, 18.
Abstract: The total number of deaths up to 7 November in the 27 EU and 4 EFTA countries is 1079 and in the rest of the world it is 9971. In Europe, 17 EU countries reported widespread activity in the past week, most experiencing medium to very high influenza intensity. Increasing activity is still being reported in Eastern and Southern European countries while a decline in activity is starting to be seen in Northern, Western and Central European Countries (Belgium, Bulgaria, Belarus, Ireland, Luxemburg, Norway, Serbia, Ukraine and Iceland). Over 99% of subtyped influenza A viruses in Europe were pandemic H1N1 (2009). In the United States and Canada, influenza transmission is still present but there are signs that influenza activity has peaked. In East Asia, influenza transmission remains active while most countries in Central and South America are reporting declining influenza activity. In the southern hemisphere, little pandemic influenza activity has been reported.
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The Synapse, Issue 06/09

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