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Title: Imaging diffuse liver disease : part 2
Authors: Vassallo, Pierre
Keywords: Liver -- Diseases -- Diagnosis
Liver -- Tomography
Issue Date: 2010-01
Publisher: Medical Portals Ltd.
Citation: Vassallo, P. (2010). Imaging diffuse liver disease : part 2. The Synapse : the Medical Professionals' Network, 1, 23-26.
Abstract: CT scan protocols for the liver may be classified single-, dual- or triple-phase techniques. An initial non-contrast enhanced scan is obtained with all three techniques. In the case of a single phase technique, the nonenhanced scan is followed by a scan in the portal venous phase (40 seconds after the peak aortic enhancement). In the dual-phase technique, scans are obtained in the late hepatic arterial phase (20 seconds after peak aortic enhancement) and in the portal venous phase. In the triple-phase technique, late arterial and late portal venous scans are followed by a hepatic venous phase scan (60 seconds after peak aortic enhancement).
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