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Title: Pandemic influenza
Authors: Melillo Fenech, Tanya
Keywords: Influenza -- Epidemiology
Influenza -- Statistics
Influenza -- Prevention -- Needs assessment
Issue Date: 2005-11
Publisher: Medical Portals Ltd.
Citation: Melillo Fenech, T. (2005). Pandemic influenza. The Synapse : the Medical Professionals' Network, 4, 12-13.
Abstract: Influenza was first documented by Hippocrates in 421 BC and the first documented pandemic was in 1580. Since 1900 there has been 3 major pandemics (1918 the worst, 1957 and 1968). There has also been a number of near misses with 16 events with pandemic potential since 1977 and the last 8 have occurred since 2003. Historical data shows that since 1889 pandemics have occurred at intervals ranging between 10-40 years. It has been 37 years now since the last pandemic. As Dr K. Stohr (WHO Global Influenza Programme team Coordinator) told us a few weeks ago, another pandemic will certainly occur; it is only a matter of time. Influenza remains the most major health threat worldwide.
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The Synapse, November 2005

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