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Title: Continuing professional development : a comparison between Malta and UK : a position paper
Authors: Cachia, Dennis
Keywords: Continuing education -- Malta
Continuing education -- Great Britain
Occupational therapy (Occupational therapy)
Issue Date: 2003-12
Publisher: Malta Association of Occupational Therapists
Citation: Cachia, D. (2003). Continuing professional development : a comparison between Malta and UK : a position paper. Maltese Journal of Occupational Therapy, 13, 3-14.
Abstract: Change is ahead for Occupational Therapists, generated by issues from both outside and inside the profession. Not only is the pace of changing accelerating m the world generally and the health service specifically, but traditional methods of providing (;are and rehabilitation are being modernised. This presents an exciting challenge and the need to reflect on both individual practice and the practice of the profession as a whole has never been greater. As professionals we need to be able to respond quickly to changes within market conditions, to client requirements and to the influences of government policies. In this position paper, I will focus on continuing professional development (CPD) and therefore, the concept or lifelong learning will be highlighted.
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