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Title: From a community pharmacist : oral contraceptives
Keywords: Oral contraceptives -- Side effects
Oral contraceptives -- Physiological effect
Contraception -- Failures
Oral contraceptives, Male
Issue Date: 1983-01
Publisher: Chamber of Pharmacists - Trade Union
Citation: Cardona, M. (ed.) (1983). From a community pharmacist : oral contraceptives. The Pharmacist, 5, 24-28.
Abstract: The most widely used type of oral contraceptives is the combined estrogen-progestogen product. Table 1 gives an indication of the range of combination products available today. The combination contraceptive products have a high efficacy resulting from 3 effects: 1. the suppression of ovulation by estrogen and progesetagen; 2. the effect of the progestogen on the endometrium in such a way that it cannot readily support the nidation and growth of a fertilised ovum; 3. the thickening effect of the progestogen on the cervical mucus which prevents the sperm from passing through.
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