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Title: The development of public mental health in Malta
Authors: Camilleri, Miriam
Sammut, Antonella
Cachia, John M.
Keywords: Public health -- Malta
Mental health services -- Malta
Mental health services -- Marketing
Health care reform -- Malta
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Malta Association of Public Health Medicine
Citation: Camilleri, M., Sammut, A., & Cachia, J. M. (2019). The development of public mental health in Malta. In N. Azzopardi Muscat, D. Cauchi & T. Melillo Fenech (Eds.), Public Health in Malta : 1999 - 2019 (pp. 29-34). Malta: Malta Association of Public Health Medicine.
Abstract: Public health practitioners in Malta have been drivers of public mental health reform throughout the last twenty-five years. However, early political and financial support for the implementation of policy and strategy dwindled over the years. Whilst services continued to expand, these were not matched with the adequate injection of human and financial resources. Twenty years later, the mental health service is still experiencing problems of underfinancing as reflected by the dire state of the psychiatric hospital infrastructure, poor leadership, management and accountability structures, and a largely insufficient albeit dedicated workforce. In 2012, the enactment of the new Mental Health Act and the establishment of a Commissioner for Mental Health recharged a national focus on mental health. Mental health is now a subject for the local media, the public is more receptive, NGOs and professionals are more vocal, the significance of mental health in schools, homes, and the workplace is taking root, and the subject has gained increasing political will, culminating with the launch of a Mental Health Strategy document for consultation in December 2018. This is our window of opportunity to ensure that policies and strategies are now translated into resources and action that reap sustained improvement in population mental health and well-being for this and future generations.
ISBN: 9789995715120
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