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Title: Integrated approaches to health : concepts and experiences in framing, integration and evaluation of One Health and EcoHealth
Authors: Ruegg, Simon R.
Buttigieg, Sandra C.
Goutard, Flavie L.
Binot, Aurelie
Morand, Serge
Thys, Severine
Keune, Hans
Keywords: Public health
Human ecology
World health
Public health -- International cooperation
Ecosystem health
Medical policy
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Frontiers Media
Citation: Rüegg, S. R., Buttigieg, S. C., Goutard, F. L., Binot, A., Morand, S., Thys, S. & Keune, H. (2019). Integrated approaches to health : concepts and experiences in framing, integration and evaluation of One Health and EcoHealth. Lausanne: Frontiers Media.
Abstract: Integrated approaches to health address health challenges arising from the intertwined spheres of humans, animals and ecosystems. This eBook is the product of an interdisciplinary effort to establish how One Health, EcoHealth and other integrated approaches to health are conceptualized, framed, implemented and evaluated today. It supplements the handbook for the evaluation of One Health, published by the COST Action “Network for Evaluation of One Health (NEOH)” with in depth reflections on the theory behind integrated approaches to health and One Health more specifically, a brief version of the NEOH evaluation framework, a supplementary evaluation approach, and eight case studies in which the NEOH framework was applied. The eBook is intended for practitioners, researchers, evaluators as well as funders of integrated approaches to health and beyond. Without the outstanding support and leadership from the management committee, this work would not have been achieved. Our gratitude goes to Maria-Eleni Filippitzi (BE), Véronique Renault (BE), Nihad Fejzic (BA), Sabina Seric-Haracic (BA), Nenad Turk (HR), Relia Beck (HR), Luca Guardabassi (DK), Liza Rosenbaum Nielsen (DK) Flavie Goutard (FR), Vladimir Grosbois (FR), Brigitte Petersen (DE), Martin Hamer (DE), Elias Papadopoulos (GR), Ilias Chaligiannis (GR), Gábor Földvári (HU), Anthony Staines (IE), Helen O’Shea (IE), Shimon Harrus (IL), Gad Baneth (IL), Valeria Grieco (IT), Maurizio Aragrande (vice chair, IT), Jovita Mažeikienė (LT), Sandra Buttigieg (MT), Elaine Lautier (MT), Helmut Saatkamp (NL), Kitty Maassen (NL), Vlatko Ilieski (MK), Mijalce Santa (MK), Merete Hofshagen (NO), Yngvild Wasteson (NO), Paulo Roriz (PT), Jorge Torgal (PT), Andrei D. Mihalca (RO), Razvan Chereches (RO), Dragan Milićević (RS), Sara Savic (RS), Joze Staric (SI), Mojca Juričič (SI), Pedro Soto-Acosta (ES), Francisco Giménez Sánchez (ES), Ann Lindberg (SE), Josef Järhult (SE), Jakob Zinsstag (CH), Simon Rüegg (CH), Barbara Häsler (chair, UK), K. Marie McIntyre (UK), Martha Betson (UK), Marieta Braks (NL), Chinwe Ifejika Speranza (DE), Spela Sinigoj (SI), Martijn Bouwknegt (NL), Andras Lakos (HU) and their substitutes Merel Postma (BE), Semra Cavaljuga (BA), Estella Prukner Radovcic (HR), Maria Vang Johansen (DK), Elena Boriani (DK), Ricarda Schmithausen (DE), Maryla Hanna Obszarski (DE), Smaragda Sotiraki (GR), Theofilos Papadopoulos (GR), Barry McMahon (IE), Massimo Canali (IT), Fabrizio Ceciliani (IT), Daniele De Meneghi (IT), Dalia Jurevičiūtė (LT), Miroslav Radeski (MK), Toni Vekov (MK); Manuela Vilhena (PT), Carla Maia (PT), Alexandru Coman (RO), Branka Vidic (RS), Gospava Lazić (RS), Ksenija Sinigoj Gacnik (SI), Juan Gabriel Cegarra Navarro (ES), Asta Tvarijonaviciute (ES), José Cerón (ES), Helene Wahlström (SE), Karin Artursson (SE), Laura Cornelsen (UK), Jonathan Rushton (UK). We also would like to thank the 240+ researchers that have engaged with the COST Action throughout and participated actively. Our gratitude also goes to the Royal Veterinary College in London, who acted as a grant holder.
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