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Title: Malta and the Battle of Lepanto- October 7, 1571
Authors: Grima, Joseph F.
Keywords: Lepanto, Battle of, Greece, 1571
Galleys -- Europe -- History -- 16th century
Issue Date: 2018-10-14
Publisher: Allied Newspapers Ltd.
Citation: Grima, J. F. (2018, October 14). Malta and the Battle of Lepanto- October 7, 1571. The Sunday Times of Malta, pp. 54-55.
Abstract: On September 16, 1571, a combined Christian fleet sailed from Messina in Sicily to seek out its Muslim counterpart. Prayers were offered by people who feared their culture, religion and perhaps their very lives depended on the fleet’s success. The Christian fleet also included galleys of the Order of St John, then ruling Malta, which were to prove their mettle and worth in the ensuing maritime battle of Lepanto, fought out on October 7, 1571.
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