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Title: Faunistic and taxonomic updates on the Tenebrionidae of Malta (Coleoptera)
Authors: Lillig, Martin
Mifsud, David
Grimm, Roland
Keywords: Insects -- Malta
Coleoptera -- Malta
Issue Date: 2012
Publisher: Entomological Society of Malta
Citation: Bulletin of the Entomological Society of Malta. 2012, Vol.5, p. 111-119
Abstract: In the present work, original data is provided for two species of Alleculinae (Tenebrionidae) which were previously omitted from recent works related to this family. The old record of Isomira nitidula is found to be incorrect and should refer to I. melanophthalma. The record of Odocnemis exaratus must be attributed to a different species. Original data is also provided for a new record, Lyphia tetraphylla and for some other previously recorded species. Clamoris crenatus, Stenosis elongata and S. sardoa are excluded from the tenebrionid fauna of Malta whereas the record of Sepidium tricuspidatum tomentosum and Gunarus parvulus requires validation. An alien species, Zophobas opacus, is also recorded but its establishment in Malta cannot be confirmed. A check-list of the 61 species of Tenebrionidae known from Malta is also provided
ISSN: 2070-4526
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BulESM, 2012, Volume 5
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