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Title: The teaching of foreign languages for specific purposes : the way forward
Other Titles: Integrating technology and culture. Strategies and innovations in ELT
Authors: Pace, Mario
Keywords: Language and languages -- Study and teaching
Language acquisition
Second language acquisition
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: YKing Books
Citation: Pace, M. (2016). The teaching of foreign languages for specific purposes : the way forward. In M. Rahman (Ed.), Integrating technology and culture. Strategies and innovations in ELT (pp. 13-19). India: YKing Books.
Abstract: Most businesses today need linguists not just to permit communication across the globe but also to understand different cultural realities and needs. In the world of work, language skills are becoming increasingly important in organisations and businesses who want to be competitive on an international level. Mastery in foreign languages is considered not just an excellent tool to bridge gaps between people coming from different countries and to create strong sentimental and professional relationships, but above all an instrument that enables workers to considerably improve their career prospects. Knowing how to use a language in specific circumstances and purposes gives people a very strong bargaining power, especially in the labour world. Whereas up to twenty or thirty years ago, speaking a foreign language was a very important prerequisite for just a few, like managers or diplomats, today it has become of fundamental importance in all professional circles. In fact, in today’s European society, languages and interculture play a fundamental role in getting to know different people and in obtaining professional and economic development.This explains why today there exists a need to diversify the language training market with courses in foreign languages for specific purposes, be it for tourism, for call centres, for business and so on, focusing on acquiring the necessary terminological, interdisciplinary and intercultural skills needed for specific jobs.
ISBN: 978-93-85528-10-1
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