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Title: Maltese
Authors: Fabri, Ray
Keywords: Maltese language
Maltese language -- Morphology
Maltese language -- Phonology
Maltese language -- History
Maltese language -- Syntax
Maltese language -- Word order
Maltese language -- Terminology
Maltese language -- Alphabet
Maltese language -- Arabic influences
Maltese language -- Etymology
Maltese language -- Grammar
Maltese language -- Orthography and spelling
Maltese language -- Foreign elements -- English
Maltese language -- Dictionaries
Issue Date: 2010
Publisher: Societe pour le Progres des Etudes Philologiques et Historiques
Citation: Fabri, R. (2010). Maltese. Revue Belge de Philologie et d'Histoire, 88(3), 791-816.
Abstract: The Maltese language, locally known as il-Malti, is the national language of the Maltese Islands, which are situated in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. Malta is situated 96 km south of Sicily and 288 km away from the North African coast, specifically from Tunisia. The Maltese archipelago consists of three islands, Malta, Għawdex (Gozo) and Kemmuna (Comino), which together cover an area of 315.6 km2. Gibraltar, to the West, is 1,826 km away and Alexandria, to the East, 1,510 km away (Azzopardi : 1995, pp. 18-19). Note that, for convenience, from now the name of the main island, Malta, will be used to refer to the Maltese Archipelago. Together with English, Maltese is also the official language of the state. This means, among other things, that the authorities are obliged to publish legal and official documents, such as laws, in both languages.
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