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Title: Definiteness marking and the structure of the NP in Maltese
Authors: Fabri, Ray
Keywords: Maltese language
Maltese language -- Grammar
Maltese language -- Orthography and spelling
Issue Date: 2001
Publisher: KPG Groep
Citation: Fabri, R. (2001). Definiteness marking and the structure of the NP in Maltese. Verbum, 23(2), 153-172.
Abstract: The article describes the facts about definiteness marking in the noun phrase (NP) in Maltese, and discusses the implications of the data for the structure of the NP or, more precisely, the Determiner Phrase (DP). Definiteness in the noun phrase in Maltese can be marked (a) both on the noun and the attributive adjective modifying it, (b) only on the noun but not on the attributive adjective, or (c) on neither the noun and the adjective. The fourth logical option of having definiteness marked on the adjective but not on the noun does not occur. The article explores the contexts in which (a) (b) and (c) occur, together with other facts concerning definiteness, namely the occurrence of the definite article on other elements in the NP apart from nouns, its non-occurrence in the construct state, and its co-occurrence with the demonstrative. On the basis of the data conclusions are drawn about the structure of the noun phrase in Maltese.
ISSN: 0166-6002
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