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Title: Training infection control and hospital hygiene professionals in Europe, 2010 : agreed core competencies among 33 European countries
Authors: Brusaferro, S.
Cookson, Barry David
Kalenic, Smilja
Cooper, Tracey
Fabry, Jacques
Gallagher, Rose
Hartemann, Philippe
Mannerquist, Kerstin
Popp, Walter
Privitera, Gaetano
Ruef, Christian
Viale, Pierluigi
Coiz, F.
Fabbro, Elisa
Suetens, Carl
Varela Santos, C.
Blacky, Alexander
Simon, Anne C.
Vatcheva-Dobrevska, Rossitza Stefanova
Budimir, Ana
Stavroulla, S.
Šturma, J.
Holt, Jette
Lemetsar, A.
Lyytikäinen, Outi
Astagneau, Pascal P.
Mielke, Martin E. A.
Ftika, Lemonia
Hajdú, Ágnes
Donlon, Sheila
Moro, Maria Luisa
Nikiforova, Raina
Gailiene, Greta
Heisbourg, Elisabeth
Borg, Michael Angelo
Ummels, L. C.
Sorknes, Nina Kristine
Stefanof, P.
Costa, C.
Piţigoi, Daniela
Krištúfková, Zuzana
Kolman, Jana
Pareja-Bezares, Antonio
Mannerquist, Kerstin
CetinkayaSardan, Y.
Sheridan, Elizabeth A. S.
Mills, A.
Scottish, Faser C.
Gauci, T.
Keywords: Hospital buildings -- Sanitation
Hospital buildings -- Disinfection
Nosocomial infections -- Prevention
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC)
Citation: Brusaferro, S., Cookson, B., Kalenic, S., Cooper, T., Fabry, J., Gallagher, R., ... & Gauci, T. (2014). Training infection control and hospital hygiene professionals in Europe, 2010: agreed core competencies among 33 European countries. Eurosurveillance, 19(49), 45-54.
Abstract: The harmonisation of training programmes for infection control and hospital hygiene (IC/HH) professionals in Europe is a requirement of the Council recommendation on patient safety. The European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control commissioned the ‘Training Infection Control in Europe’ project to develop a consensus on core competencies for IC/HH professionals in the European Union (EU). Core competencies were drafted on the basis of the Improving Patient Safety in Europe (IPSE) project’s core curriculum (CC), evaluated by questionnaire and approved by National Representatives (NRs) for IC/HH training. NRs also re-assessed the status of IC/HH training in European countries in 2010 in comparison with the situation before the IPSE CC in 2006. The IPSE CC had been used to develop or update 28 of 51 IC/HH courses. Only 10 of 33 countries offered training and qualification for IC/ HH doctors and nurses. The proposed core competencies are structured in four areas and 16 professional tasks at junior and senior level. They form a reference for standardisation of IC/HH professional competencies and support recognition of training initiatives.
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