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Title: Investigation into reduction of deterioration of useful by-products from fish offal
Authors: Fabricius, Michelle
Keywords: Fisheries
Fisheries -- By-products
Issue Date: 2019
Citation: Fabricius, M. (2019). Investigation into reduction of deterioration of useful by-products from fish offal (Master's dissertation).
Abstract: Fish offal subjected to improper storage while onboard shipping vessels leads to the deterioration of valuable by-products rendering them useless. Such valuable products can be obtained from the fish waste if proper storage for the offal can be established. This research project investigated the effects of high temperatures and different exposure times have on the quality of fish oil extracted from Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar L.) fish heads. The major problem with fish oils when exposed to high temperatures is their rapid peroxidation; they become rancid through an accumulation of undesirable acids. This peroxidation value can be determined using standard iodometric titration. The present results showed that increasing incubation or exposure times have statistically significant effects on the quality of fish oils extracted from Atlantic salmon offal. This led to the conclusion that the proper storage of the salmon fish offal could prevent losses in potential revenue by averting the degradation of valuable by-products from fish offal.
Description: M.SC.BIOLOGY
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