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Title: SMOM and Malta issues
Authors: Bonavia, Carmel G.
Keywords: Postal service -- Malta -- History -- 20th century
Knights of Malta -- On postage stamps
Knights of Malta -- History -- 20th century
Order of St John -- History -- 20th century
Knights of Malta -- Correspondence
Issue Date: 2015-04
Publisher: Malta Philatelic Society
Citation: Bonavia, C. G. (2015). SMOM and Malta issues. Journal of the Malta Philatelic Society, 44(1), 27-35.
Abstract: By a decree of May 20, 1966, the Grand Magistracy of SMOM revived its own postal service under the name of Poste Magistrali del Sovrano Militare Ordine di Malta with Comm. Remo Cappelli as its head. A central post office at Palazzo Malta in Rome was opened through the entrance in Via Bocca del Leone. Another post office was inaugurated at Villa Malta on the Aventine Hill. Both properties of the Order enjoy extraterritorial rights recognised by Italy. For the inauguration of the Poste Magistrate a set of nine stamps, printed by the world-known security printers Thomas de la Rue of London and Carte Yalori Staderini of Rome. To emphasise its independence of any other entity, SMOM expressed the value of each stamp in the old denomination of scudo, tari and grana. One scudo equals 12 tari or 24 grani, the currency used by the Order during its stay in Malta (1530-1798). [excerpt]
Description: Published in Sunday Times, 24th November 1996 with additions by Dr. A. Bonnici.
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