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Title: The 1919 10/- shipwreck and the Sign of Jonah
Authors: Pardo, David A.
Keywords: Shipwrecks -- Malta
Paul, the Apostle, Saint
Postage stamps -- Catalogs
Postage stamps -- Prices
Issue Date: 2015-12
Publisher: Malta Philatelic Society
Citation: Pardo, D. A. (2015). The 1919 10/- shipwreck and the Sign of Jonah. Journal of the Malta Philatelic Society, 44(3), 28-32.
Abstract: A few years ago, at a Los Angeles philatelic meeting, a collector remarked to me that the price of a stamp is only the price an individual is willing to pay at a given time and place. There are many factors that go into the price of a stamp-the rarity, the condition, the demand and so on. I decided to see through statistics whether one could predict the catalogue value of the 1919 10/- St. Paul shipwreck, after controlling for condition, solely based on the rarity of this beautiful stamp vis a vis the rest of the mint and used Maltese collection. The first order of business required finding a modem catalogue that contained the number of stamps printed and sold. [excerpt]
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