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Title: Editorial [Malta Review of Educational Research, 14(S)]
Authors: Borg, Carmel
Raykov, Milosh
Keywords: Editorials
Teaching -- Research
Teaching -- Methodology
Issue Date: 2020-08
Publisher: University of Malta. Faculty of Education
Citation: Borg, C., & Raykov, M. (2020). Editorial. Malta Review of Educational Research, 14(S), i-iii.
Abstract: This is the first time in the MRER’s fourteen-volume history that a supplement issue is being published. It adds to the rich heritage of general and special issues, published twice yearly, showcasing a wide repertoire of studies by academics and practitioners. This issue features seven papers, authored by professionals who are located at the intersection of teacher formation, research and practice. The papers, produced by an international consortium of academics, researchers and practitioners from Serbia and Switzerland, coordinated by Francesco Arcidiacono, Aleksandar Baucal, Dragica Pavlović Babić, Nevena Buđevac, and Sanja Blagdanić, who are also involved in the editing of this supplement issue, reflect the importance of urgently reconnecting theory with practice, and of reinventing research as an activity that truly serves the profession. In fact, the papers are practice-led and meant to highlight the notion that research is a collective activity, shared and owned by professional researchers and practitioners alike. Similar to the authors of this supplement issue, we contend that practice-based research should occupy a prominent place in teacher formation and should constitute a permanent fixture within communities of practice. Such an approach would render research more meaningful, relevant and accessible to a profession that seems to struggle to embrace research as a valid way of knowing. [excerpt]
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MRER, Volume 14, Supplement Issue
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