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Title: What can I do? Caring relationships among teachers, students and families during COVID-19 lockdown in Scotland
Authors: McLennan, Carrie
Mercieca, Daniela
Mercieca, Duncan P.
Keywords: Teacher-student relationships -- Scotland
Parent-teacher relationships -- Scotland
Education, Primary -- Scotland
School children -- Care
Issue Date: 2020-12
Publisher: University of Malta. Faculty of Education
Citation: McLennan, C., Mercieca, D., & Mercieca, D. P. (2020). What can I do? Caring relationships among teachers, students and families during COVID-19 lockdown in Scotland. Malta Review of Educational Research, 14(2), 163-181.
Abstract: Engaging with the ethics of care as developed by Nel Noddings, this paper unpacks the perceptions of three primary teachers working in Scotland during COVID-19 lockdown. Noddings constructs her ethics of care as relational. This focus on the ‘relation’ is central to the paper and the three themes that emerged from analysing the in-depth interviews conducted with the teachers show different facets of the relations teachers were engaged in during the lockdown. The first theme looks at the teachers’ work during COVID-19 lockdown as embedded within a larger Scottish discourse that has care as central to its formation. The second theme discussed the idea of reciprocity – care ethics focuses on acknowledgment of the relation between the carer and the cared for. The third theme focuses on parents as being intermediary between the teachers and students. The paper suggests that the experience of lockdown offered primary school teachers new possibilities of caring, thus giving teachers the possibility to go beyond the ‘norm’ of care established within their classrooms and schools.
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MRER, Volume 14, Issue 2
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