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Title: Factors influencing customer’s buying decisions on mobile phone buyers : a study on Bijapur City, India
Authors: Mathapati, Akash C.
Vidyavati, K.
Keywords: Cell phones -- Purchasing
Consumer behavior -- India
Consumers -- Attitudes
Market surveys -- India
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Governance Research and Development Centre, Croatia & University of Malta, Faculty of Economics, Management and Accountancy, Department of Insurance
Citation: Mathapati, A. C., & Vidyavati, K. (2016). Factors influencing customer’s buying decisions on mobile phone buyers : a study on Bijapur City, India. Journal of Corporate Governance, Insurance and Risk Management, 3(3), 59-68.
Abstract: The mobile phone has turned out to be a basic necessity in today world with multi-tasking ability based on user’s convenience and need. With staggering increase in mobile phone usage in India in recent years, people consider various factors before the purchase decision. This study is an effort to uncover the underlying factors that might affect customers in purchasing a mobile phone. Data were collected from those people those who live in Bijapur city maintaining equal ratios of various groups like male, female, businessmen, employees, students and others (housewives). To choose desired respondents, convenient sampling method was used. A structured questionnaire was designed based on the previous study with five points Likert scale was used to get responses. Factor analysis was used to elicit the underlying Factors that affect a mobile phone purchasing decision. The results show that the most important factor are physical attributes, pricing, battery life and service facilities, size and weight, friends and social group recommendations and advertising.
ISSN: 2757-0983
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