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Title: The use of strategic policy statements on the basis of concepts, an evaluation in logistics businesses
Authors: Atasever, Mesut
Curuk, Semiye
Keywords: Logistics
Strategic planning
Business planning
Mission statements
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Governance Research and Development Centre, Croatia & University of Malta, Faculty of Economics, Management and Accountancy, Department of Insurance
Citation: Atasever, M., & Curuk, S. (2018). The use of strategic policy statements on the basis of concepts, an evaluation in logistics businesses. Journal of Corporate Governance, Insurance and Risk Management, 5(2), 78-93.
Abstract: Introduction: Strategic management and its most important component, the strategic policies, and the expression of these policies and the implementation of the stated policies are very important. The purpose of this study is to examine the policy statements of the enterprises operating in the field of logistics, which is an important sector for the economy of countries, to examine whether they are current and industry-appropriate statements, and to discuss the reasons. Categorization and interpretation were preferred as methods. As a scope, only policy statements among the strategic concepts shared by the Logistics Association (LODER) member enterprises in the logistics sector have been discussed and studied. Especially in logistics enterprises, the establishment of strategic management and strategic policies, their expression, sharing and their implementation, the concepts emphasized and prioritized in the policies, and whether these concepts are up-to-date and appropriate to the sector should be seen as a problem. According to the findings, an important part of the policy statements are about customers and customer-related concepts. It has been observed that the concepts prioritized in policy statements are not specific to the business, which are popular and shared in most businesses. The fact that the concepts examined are not up to date causes businesses to stay away from the concepts they really need. The fact that the stated policies are not specific to the business will not benefit the strategic management of the business in details. This study is expected to be beneficial to academics and administrators working in this field.
ISSN: 2757-0983
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