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Title: Editorial [The Law Journal : Volume 2 : Issue 4]
Authors: Malta Law Students' Society
Keywords: Law -- Malta -- Periodicals
Issue Date: 1949
Publisher: Malta Law Students' Society
Citation: Malta Law Students' Society. (1949). Editorial [The Law Journal : Volume 2 : Issue 4]. The Law Journal, 2(4), 169-176.
Abstract: THE question of forensic practice required of law students before obtaining the warrant to exercise their profession has recently engaged the attention of the Legislative Assembly. As things stood before Act LXII of 1948, students after having obtained the academical degree of Doctor of Laws were required to attend regularly at the office of a practising advocate and at the sittings of the Superior Courts in order to be called to the bar. This caused much inconvenience and prejudice to law students who after a full seven year course at the Royal University were expected to undergo another year of practical training various efforts were made in the past to remedy this state of affairs but with practically no success. The said Act has happily altered the position. It provides that persons regularly following the academical course of law in the Royal University may start their forensic practice at any time after the 31st day of December of the last scholastic year of their course, instead of at any time after obtaining their degree. This enables graduates in law to start practising their profession six months earlier than was previously the case. The expediency of the reform is quite obvious especially in view of the length of the course for graduating in law. Moreover students have all the facilities of attending the sittings of the Superior Courts in the periods between lectures. The new measures were recommended by notable members of the legal profession and also by the University Authorities. It is hoped that the same facilities will soon be extended to students attending the course leading to the Diploma of Legal Procurator.
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Volume 2, Issue 4, 1949

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