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Title: Classification of Maltese biology examination questions using Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy
Authors: Azzopardi, Marthese
Azzopardi, Carmel
Keywords: Biology -- Classification
Biology -- Examinations
Bloom, Benjamin S. (Benjamin Samuel), 1913-1999
Biology -- Study and teaching -- Malta
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: University of Malta. Junior College
Citation: Azzopardi, M., & Azzopardi, C. (2021). Classification of Maltese biology examination questions using Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy. Symposia Melitensia, 17, 107-122.
Abstract: This study investigates the question types according to Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy in the final Paper 1 Advanced Biology examinations at a public post-secondary Institution and the National ones at the cognitive domain. The data of the study was obtained by examining the May/June 2017 and 2018 past papers. A total of 205 questions were analysed (97 Institution and 108 National). The questions were classified in terms of the cognitive levels of the Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy. Data was given with tables as percentage. The study highlighted that not all objectives were present in every examination paper. The findings show that both types of examinations mostly include questions that do not promote higher levels of thinking. The Institution Paper 1 has two sections: Section A that tests the theoretical aspect, like the National examination while Section B tests the practical aspect. The highest percentage of questions in the National and Institution Section A examinations were from the remembering type of objective while from applying type in Section B. The percentage of questions in the cognitive domain, remembering type, were higher in the National examination. Analysis was also carried out to determine the marks being awarded to the different cognitive levels. When both examinations are considered, the bulk of the marks were in the remembering and understanding types of objectives. The percentage of marks allocated to the remembering type of objective in National examinations was 2.5X more in 2017 and 1.5X in 2018 than in the Institution Section A. In Section B, the applying type of objective was rewarded the highest marks. This study strongly highlights the narrow scope in terms of student achievement in high-stake examinations and shows how the present Maltese biology examination procedures promote low-level learning.
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SymMel, 2021, Volume 17
SymMel, 2021, Volume 17

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