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Title: Significant milestones and aspirations of lesbian, gay and bisexual young adults
Authors: Calleja, Gabriella (2009)
Keywords: Lesbians
Young adults
Issue Date: 2009
Citation: Calleja, G. (2009). Significant milestones and aspirations of lesbian, gay and bisexual young adults (Master’s dissertation).
Abstract: This research takes a look at the life trajectories of 17 lesbian, gay and bisexual (LGB) young adults between the ages of 21 and 35. Twelve face-to-face interviews were conducted in an attempt to explore the significant milestones and aspirations in their lives as well as the barriers to achieving them. For most heterosexuals, these milestones revolve around getting a steady job and pursuing a career and marriage, which provides the impetus for leaving home, setting up their own household, having children and forming their own families. For those who identify as gay, lesbian or bisexual and who are in, or seek same sex relationships, marriage is as yet not an option. Very few role models exist on which they can model their futures and the invisibility of lesbian and gay families renders the imagining of alternative life experiments somewhat problematic. The research involves an exploration of themes and issues relating to important aspects in the lives of LGB young adults. The study focused primarily on identity, friendships, relationships and family life, health, employment and spirituality. The first chapter provides some background with respect to the local context, that is, the reality in which LGB people in Malta live as well as the legal framework relating to sexual orientation. The second chapter presents an overview of the literature as it pertains to the areas outlined above. The third chapter outlines the methodology used in the study. The fourth chapter presents the findings and analysis of the interviews conducted while the final chapter highlights some conclusions and makes some recommendations. Some of the main findings of the study are that 'coming out' continues to be a major hurdle and milestone in the lives of LGB young adults, that relationships with their immediate family continue to play an important role and most enjoy deep and stable friendships that enrich their lives. Attitudes towards work and career varied considerably, with some feeling that their work constituted an important part of their identity. For others it was simply a means to financial stability which then provided the opportunity to pursue other interests. Intimate relationships are highly valued and most aspired to a monogamous long-term relationship similar to that of the traditional family, including children and marriage, if this were possible.
Description: M.YOUTH&COMM.STUD.
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