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Title: Sustainable tourism : a geographical approach to safeguard the Maltese environment
Authors: Debattista, Marouska (2007)
Keywords: Sustainable tourism
Sustainable development
Environmental management
Issue Date: 2007
Citation: Debattista, M. (2007). Sustainable tourism : a geographical approach to safeguard the Maltese environment (Master’s dissertation).
Abstract: Geography is an interdisciplinary subject and one who studies geography seeks to analyze tourism and its spatial aspects. Literature reviewed in this dissertation shows that the tourism industry is increasing and is expected to continue rising. This rise will eventually leave its footsteps on the environment due to increasing pressure on natural resources especially land and water. To meet this rise there has been an increase in environmental management approaches and programs. This has been more important as there has been a growing trend towards green hotels. Since hotels and hospitality establishments are at the heart of the tourism industry, any effort to make this industry more sustainable must be addressed directly by hotels and these establishments. This dissertation seeks to outline the means by which sustainable development and environmental management have been addressed as a global issue in order to achieve a green tourism activity. It overviews some case studies of other countries across the world which are following a set of guidelines and principles so as to tum the industry into a green one. Optimistically, this will be an example for the local industry and start operating on the same guidelines and principles. The research contains a detailed literature on a hotel operations history, taking into account the planning, construction and operation stages. The latter includes information on waste, water and energy management. This work also puts forward and suggests proposals of how hotel operations can be operated in environmental friendly ways. Such suggestions could be considered and put into practice to develop and market the Maltese Islands as a green tourist destination.
Description: M.A.GEOGRAPHY
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