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Title: Divided-back post cards : a clarification
Authors: Bonello, Giovanni
Keywords: Postcards -- Malta -- History -- 20th century
Postcards -- Themes, motives
Postcards -- Miscellanea
Issue Date: 2003-12
Publisher: Malta Philatelic Society
Citation: Bonello, G. (2003). Divided-back post cards : a clarification. Journal of the Malta Philatelic Society, 32(3), 11-13.
Abstract: To the best of my knowledge, collectors and historians believed that, in Malta, it was only in March 1906 that the postal authorities started allowing a written message, besides the address, on the back of picture postcards. Before that, the back of the postcard could only be used for the address; any other message or communication would have to be crammed on the picture side. If the sender wrote anything else on the back, besides the address, the postcard would be charged at the full letter rate. This restriction explains why, at the turn of the century, postcards did not have a dividing line printed on the back. [excerpt]
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