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Title: St. Julian’s 125 years of parish status : round-up of certain distinguished past residents
Authors: Storace, Albert
Keywords: St. Julians (Malta) -- History
Spinola family
Spinola Palace (St. Julians, Malta)
Mannarinu, Gaetano, 1722-1814
Rising of the Priests, 1775
Calosso, Umberto, 1895-1959
Karm, Dun, 1871-1961
Muscat Azzopardi, Ivo, 1893-1965
Mizzi, Lewis, 1847-1935
Mompalao De Piro, Joseph Charles, 1921-2001
Busuttil, Antonio, 1899-1967
Tabone, Ċensu, 1913-2012
Church of the Immaculate Conception (St. Julians, Malta)
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: San Ġiljan : Parroċċa San Ġiljan
Citation: Storace, A. (2016). St. Julian’s 125 years of parish status: round-up of certain distinguished past residents. Festa 2016 Parroċċa San Ġiljan, 64-67.
Abstract: The round-up below is perforce limited, and who knows how many more have lived here and perhaps managed to go unnoticed. Undoubtedly, the very first must have been members of that old Genoese family, the Spinola ("SpEEn-ola" please!) It was their connection with the Order of St John which brought them to our shores. One of them, the Marquis Francesco Napoleone, bought land in the area of St Julian's Bay where, once the summer' palace and little church of the Immaculate Conception were built in the late 1680s, soon gave way to an alternative name to the bay and surroundings as "Spinola''.
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