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Title: Editorial [The PSM magazine, 16(2)]
Authors: Bonnici, Alfred
Keywords: Editorials
Stamp collecting
Issue Date: 1987-08
Publisher: Malta Philatelic Society
Citation: Bonnici, A. (1987). Editorial. The PSM magazine, 16(2), 2.
Abstract: Up to a few years ago, a Philatelist could qualify for this term if he collected or accumulated stamps. Some collected straight forward Mint or Used sets, but the majority were quite happy to stick to their album leaves every variety they came across. Others enjoyed themselves tearing every stamp from every envelope they could lay their hands on, immerse them in hot water to peal off the paper, and after putting them face downwards on blotting paper to dry, sorted them out in bundles of hundred each to be sold locally or overseas. [excerpt]
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