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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021The principles of economic transformation in Poland after 1989 according to President Lech Wałęsa : a research in economics and security studiesSmuniewski, Cezary; Urych, Ilona; Zanini, Andrea
2021Why some countries win and others loose from the COVID-19 pandemic? Navigating the uncertaintyDobrowolski, Zbyslaw
2021Social face of control in the digital propagandaSwieboda, Halina; Kuczabski, Mateusz; Szpyra, Ryszard; Zawadzki, Tomasz; Walecki, Tomasz; Stobiecki, Pawel
2021New phenomena in the price movement of manufactured goods in contemporary international tradeDudzinski, Jerzy; Knap, Renata
2021Counteracting pandemic threats and consequences : the role of the territorial defence forces in crisis managementPiatek, Jaroslaw J.; Podgorzanska, Renata
2021Estimating environmentally adjusted risks of mortgage arrears for different socioeconomic groups of borrowersBorochov, Yosi; Portnov, Boris A.
2021Analysis of civic activity as an element shaping local level threat resilience in communitiesGorska-Rozej, Karina
2021Education financing : explaining the expenditure concentration gap between the state and local governments in Poland 2008-2019Kotlinska, Janina; Nucinska, Joanna; Bednarz, Jacek
2021Chinese craft in e-commerceMazur-Kajta, Katarzyna; Karas, Elzbieta
2021The impact of chemical companies on the environment and local communities in the aspect of business modelWojcik-Jurkiewicz, Magdalena; Masztalerz, Marek; Lew, Grzegorz; Lulek, Adam; Sadowska, Beata
2021Innovation in the production process : conditions in line with the production scheduleJalowiec, Tomasz; Miciula, Ireneusz; Barczak, Magdalena; Szymkowska, Agnieszka; Masloch, Piotr; Wojtaszek, Henryk; Masloch, Grzegorz
2021The impact of Covid-19 on air transport operation in PolandWasowska, Katarzyna; Wincewicz-Bosy, Marta; Dymyt, Malgorzata
2021China's economic statecraft : the role of the belt and road initiativeKostecka-Tomaszewska, Luiza; Krukowska, Monika
2021Diversity of factors determining employee satisfaction as an area of CSR activity in companies of different scaleSipa, Monika; Smolarek, Malgorzata; Jalowiec, Tomasz; Masloch, Piotr; Wojtaszek, Henryk; Miciula, Ireneusz; Masloch, Grzegorz
2021Retirees’ healthcare needs and satisfaction with their coverageBielawska, Kamila; Lyskawa, Krzysztof
2021Intensity of socio-economic process development in the regions of UkrainePryimak, Vasyl; Pryima, S.
2021Managerial and organizational aspects of safety management in the mountain environmentNagody-Mrozowicz, Kazimierz; Mankowska, Maria; Halemba, Piotr
2021The safety factor and the level of customer satisfaction in Polish and Czech historic buildings in Covid-19 eraPol, Malgorzata; Tutaj, Jerzy
2021Attitudes and behaviour of Polish consumers regarding food waste in the food chainLemanowicz, Marzena; Jasiulewicz, Anna
2021Classic crowdfunding - a modern source of financing?Hryniewicka, Magdalena
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 77