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Title: Equality of opportunity in the Maltese educational system : myth or reality?
Authors: Sqapi, Enida (2008)
Keywords: Education -- Malta
Educational equalization -- Malta
Equality -- Malta
Opportunity -- Malta
Issue Date: 2008
Citation: Sqapi, E. (2008). Equality of opportunity in the Maltese educational system : myth or reality? (Bachelor’s dissertation).
Abstract: This dissertation endeavours to find out whether opportunities in education are truly equally open to all Maltese students. It will probe whether the system is working or failing some students since a significant number do not succeed to further their education beyond the compulsory stage. The research will also try to establish whether our educational system is equipping young persons with the basic skills they need in order to find employment and what further steps need to be taken for it to do so. A qualitative approach was considered to be more appropriate for this study. This gave the researcher a deep insight into the experiences of the thirteen key informants who were interviewed and asked to share their views, experience, knowledge, wisdom and beliefs through an interview guide. The data was captured through a recorder. This was then transcribed and analysed using inductive thematic analysis. This study concluded that opportunities are not equally open for all to succeed and this may largely be due to the fact that Maltese children are still being streamed. This often leads to labelling of children according to their abilities at a very young age and there is evidence that this is having a negative effect on their motivation to further their studies. Bearing in mind that Malta is a small island state with no natural resources except those of its own people, education and training are crucial to the well-being of the nation as a whole.
Description: B.A.(HONS)SOC.POL.
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