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Title: Organisation of social policy directed at integration : a modelling and application approach
Authors: Kotlinska, Janina
Zukowska, Helena
Blasiak, Zdzislaw A.
Marzec, Pawel
Zukowski, Marian
Keywords: Social policy -- Case studies
Social service -- Case studies
Organization -- Case studies
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: University of Piraeus. International Strategic Management Association
Citation: Kotlinska, J., Zukowska, H., Blasiak, Z.A., Marzec, P., & Zukowski, M. (2021). Organisation of social policy directed at integration: a modelling and application approach. European Research Studies Journal, 24(4), 302-319.
Abstract: Purpose: The aim of the study was to define the model conditions for the integration of social services in the system of social policy, to present a systemic role of the integrator of these services on a local level together with a verification based on the analysis of the integration of such services in Poland through the local government social services centres. Methodology: The authors used a systemic analysis of the organisational environment of the social policy system, extended with a literature review and critical analysis of a case study (the application of the integration of the provision of social services). Findings: It is possible to identify many variants of the realisation of social policy goals, and the choice of the one to be applied in a given country depends on the legislative solutions, the optimalisation in satisfying societal needs requires the appropriate organisation of the provision of social services, the provision of social services will be optimal and effective when it is properly organised, and the necessary condition is the integration of the activities of all the entities involved in the realisation of social services, such as institutions from the public sector, NGOs and the private sector. Practical implications: The study presents an organisational framework of the process of the integration of social services, which appears to be a rational direction for improving the quality of the system of social policy, and is a contribution to further in-depth research. Originality: The paramount aim of social policy remains the support for individuals and increasing social inclusivity of the system. It is justifiable to shape the system of social policy not only on the basis of public sector resources, but also with the support from the market sector and the social animation and citizen participation. Systemic regulation of transforming existing in Poland social welfare centers into centers integrating social services is essentially appropriate. Tthe problem is the degree of advancement of the legislative process, the pace of this transformation and the sufficiency of resources determining the effectiveness and efficiency of the integration process.
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