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Title: Geoheritage as a tool for environmental management : a case study in Northern Malta (Central Mediterranean Sea)
Authors: Selmi, Lidia
Coratza, Paola
Gauci, Ritienne
Soldati, Mauro
Keywords: Cultural geography -- Malta -- Case studies
Geomorphology -- Malta
Environmental geology -- Malta
Natural landscaping -- Malta
Conservation of natural resources -- Malta
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: MDPI
Citation: Selmi, L., Coratza, P., Gauci, R., & Soldati, M. (2019). Geoheritage as a tool for environmental management: A case study in Northern Malta (Central Mediterranean Sea). Resources, 8(4), 168.
Abstract: The recognition, selection and quantitative assessment of sites of geological and geomorphological interest are fundamental steps in any environmental management focused on geoconservation and geotourism promotion. The island of Malta, in the central Mediterranean Sea, despite having a steadily increasing growth in population and tourism, still conserves geological and geomorphological features of great relevance and interest, both for their contribution to the understanding of the geological processes acting through time on landscape and for their aesthetic importance. The present work proposes an inventory for northern Malta, through three main stages, with the outcome of a final list of geosites that have the potential to be recognized as both natural heritage and tourist resources with potential economic benefits. In particular, the assessment methodology applied combines scientific value and additional and use-values, showing the links existing between geoheritage and other aspects of nature and culture of the sites. The results provide useful knowledge for the definition of strategies aimed at the development of a sustainable and responsible tourism.
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