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Title: Nonlinear optomechanics
Authors: Vella, Leah (2018)
Keywords: Quantum theory
Wigner distribution
Issue Date: 2018
Citation: Vella, L. (2018). Nonlinear optomechanics (Bachelor's dissertation).
Abstract: Developed in the 20th century, the branch of physics known as quantum mechanics is the science of studying the behaviour of matter and light on the atomic and sub atomic scale. Optomechanics is the discipline in quantum mechanics which studies the interaction of electromagnetic radiation in the form of photons with mechanical systems through the radiation pressure force. The optomechanical interaction is an intrinsically nonlinear one, and it can therefore cause classical states to develop nonclassical features. In this dissertation we explore the emergence of this nonclassical behaviour as a function of the system parameters. Many mathematical properties may be used to determine whether a state is in fact displaying classical or non-classical behaviour. Non-classicality may be generated for the light, mechanical or the light and mechanical field simultaneously. The properties of the Wigner quasi-probability distribution function were made use of throughout this dissertation in order to pinpoint any hints of non-classicality, specifically the negativity of the Wigner function. Interesting results were the analysis of the degree of non classicality and the analysis of the maximum negativities of the Wigner functions under specific conditions.
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