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Title: Perceptions and causes of adult illiteracy in Malta
Authors: Mamo, Carmen (2015)
Keywords: Functional literacy -- Malta
Illiterate persons -- Malta
Literacy -- Social aspects -- Malta
Adult education -- Malta
Issue Date: 2015
Citation: Mamo, C. (2015). Perceptions and causes of adult illiteracy in Malta (Master’s dissertation).
Abstract: The aim of this dissertation is to determine reasons behind the difficulties which eventually result in illiteracy. Hopefully, the information derived would help in building proposals for ways to eliminate any educational methods that do not work, while improving the present good practices. Despite the implementation of literacy programmes, global illiteracy is still prevalent (Unesco, 2014). The literacy rate in Malta is rather low, despite free education for all since 1946 (NSO, 2014). Interviews were conducted with persons from different sections of society to determine the reasons for their lack of literacy. These interviews asked the opinions of persons who lack basic literacy skills, adult education tutors, and employers from established industrial concerns. Later, a small sample from the group of persons who lack basic literacy skills were interviewed further. This was done in order to explore deeper problems which might have been overlooked in the previous interview. Causes of the lack of literacy, emanating from this study, have proved to be the low socio-economic background of these persons, as well as the low literacy skills possessed by their parents. Linked to this is the lack of involvement by their parents in school work or activities. The persons lacking literacy skills had not shown any aspiration for educational achievement. This was demonstrated by the fact that school assignments were mostly done in noisy and other inadequate environments. Bullying and truancy play a role as causes for dropping out of school, while indications point at absenteeism from school as a direct outcome of lack of comprehension of lesson explanations.
Description: M.MALTESE STUD.
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