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Title: Dwejra’s, San Lawrenz environmental and social potential
Authors: Formosa, Noel (2019)
Keywords: Azure Window (San Lawrenz, Malta)
Dwejra (San Lawrenz, Malta)
Dwejra Bay (San Lawrenz, Malta)
World Heritage areas -- Social aspects
Issue Date: 2019
Citation: Formosa, N. (2019). Dwejra’s, San Lawrenz environmental and social potential (Master’s dissertation).
Abstract: Dwerja in the limits of San Lawrenz (Gozo) had always played an important role for the Maltese Identity. This was evident in a particular way on the event of the collapse of it-Tieqa tad-Dwejra, when locals and foreign people showed their grief and worries for such a loss and many forgot that Dwejra’s potenial is more than it-Tieqa tad-Dwejra. Due to its importance in these last decades, Maltese Authorities, in a particular way the Malta Tourism Authority, used it-Tieqa tad-Dwejra as one of Malta’s main sources to promote its touristic potential. Thus giving the impression that Dwejra’s potential is primarily it-Tieqa tadDwejra. In fact, the main aim of this study is to highlight Dwejra’s holistic potential and will seek to discover new niches through the knowledge that locals possess. For this study a qualitative approach was adopted. This consisted of interviews which the researcher performed amongst people coming from different spheres of life, having different ages, statuses and even villages. The analysis of the interviews included findings of what have been said by the interviewees according to the scope of this study, that is the environmental and the social aspect represented at Dwejra. Such aspects contribute for the national identity. The study shows that the locals are aware and have a special attention to the area. Dwejra forms part their identity. The knowledge they have about the area is inherited from their ancestors or from personal interest and experience. Such findings are supporting the aim of this study that looks for knowledge on the collective memory. The conclusions and the recommendations are based on the findings from both the environmental and social findings.
Description: M.MALTESE STUD.
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