Although this year’s DisCoTec was not held physically in Malta as originally planned, the online version of the conference was a great success, with a large number of participants registering from around the globe. Apart from a number of tutorials and invited speakers, the week consisted of three concurrent conferences (COORDINATION, FORTE, and DAIS), as well as two concurrent workshops (ICE and FOCODILE). The full programme including links to the presentations given can be found here.

Ivan Lanese (University of Bologna) has been recently elected chair of IFIP WG6.1, which involved cooperating to the organization of DisCoTec in general (the IFIP WG6.1 chair is part of DisCoTec SC) and FORTE in particular (the IFIP WG6.1 chair is also chair of FORTE SC). Aspects which are directly managed by the WG6.1 chair include the award of the DisCoTec best paper and the storing of the proceedings in the IFIP digital library. Other members of the BehAPI project were involved in the previously mentioned conferences and workshops.


Laura Bocchi (University of Kent) served as a Program Committee Chair for the 22nd International Conference on Coordination Models and Languages (COORDINATION), while Emilio Tuosto (University of Leicester) was on the steering committee of the same conference, and Hernan Melgratti (University of Buenos Aires) served as a PC member. Some of the accepted papers at this conference included:


As described earlier, Ivan Lanese served as chair for the 40th International Conference on Formal Techniques for Distributed Objects, Components, and Systems, while Marco Carbone (ITU) formed part of the Programme Committee of the same conference. Furthermore, Christian Bartolo Burlo and Adrian Francalanza, both members of University of Malta, presented the paper entitled Towards a Hybrid Verification Methodology for Communication Protocols, along with Alceste Scalas (video). 

ICE Workshop

Julien Lange (University of Kent) served as co-chair of the ICE Workshop. Some of the papers presented by BehAPI members at this workshop included:

  • Typestates to Automata and back: a toolby João Mota, André Trindade, and António Ravara (NOVA) (video)
  • An Abstract Framework for Choreographic Testing, presented by Emilio Tuosto, Roberto Guanciale, and Alex Coto (video)
  • Towards Refinable Choreographiesby Ugo de’Liguoro (University of Torino), Hernan Melgratti, and Emilio Tuosto (slides) (video)
  • Microservice Interface Based Deployment Orchestration (oral contribution) by Lorenzo Bacchiani, Mario Bravetti (University of Bologna), Saverio Giallorenzo, Jacopo Mauro, Iacopo Talevi, and Gianluigi Zavattaro (University of Bologna) (slides) (video)


The DisCoTec Tutorial Day allowed researchers to promote a mature tool that has been under development over the last few years. Two of these tutorials were presented by Emilio Tuosto on Choreographic Development of Message-Passing Applications and by Ornela Dardha on Typechecking Java protocols with Mungo/StMungo.

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