Secondments are a major and systematic means for knowledge sharing inside the project consortium. At a “1-to-1” level, seconded and hosting (groups of) researchers strive for the advancement of knowledge triggered by the interactions between their complementary expertise and background. The secondments of ESRs (Early Stage Researchers) are mentored by the ERs (Experienced Researchers) at the host organisation. Mentors also involve ESRs in the scientific activities locally organised at the host institutions.

João Costa Seco
From Thursday, 6.6.2019 to Friday, 21.6.2019

The secondment activities concerned the development of a new connection between databases and business processes declarative languages. Notably, it focused on the static properties of a generic mechanism to orthogonally

Adriana Laura Voinea
From Monday, 6.5.2019 to Friday, 17.5.2019

The aim of the visit was to work towards completion of task T2.7 on “Inferring behavioural descriptions for b-APIs (O2.3)”. During this visit, initial discussions took place with António Ravara

Hernán Melgratti
From Monday, 18.3.2019 to Monday, 13.5.2019

We addressed the problem of integrating behavioural types to reason about properties of applications running on Actyx platform. In particular, we developed a formal model for the Actyx platform. The