The quality and credibility of the project revolves around the level of novelty, as well as the appropriate consideration of inter/multidisciplinary, intersectoral and gender aspects. The activities relating to these aspects compose the work plan, and are listed as work packages below.

Will ensure that the research and innovation objectives of BehAPI are satisfactorily completed, facilitate, manage, stimulate, and lead the consortium to deliver a successful project. We will strive for significant

Will address the variety of problems faced by organizations exposing APIs, to ensure that their services can be effectively used by a wide range of clients. Similar problems are faced

Will focus on the usage and composition of APIs. The aim is to provide algorithms and techniques for the development of applications that build on one or more APIs. Even

Will focus on the tool support for b-APIs. WP4 will turn the algorithms and the verification, validation, and reverse-engineering techniques identified in WP2 and WP3 into provably correct tool chains

Will coordinate dissemination, exploitation and training aspects of BehAPI (although, those aspects are crosscutting concerns for all the other work packages). The overall objective of WP5 is twofold: on one