BehAPI contributes towards enabling the inter-sectoral knowledge transfer. In fact, BehAPI establishes a solid communication among partners to turn research results into effective instruments so to increase the competitive advantage of software industry, to enhance the career prospects of individuals, and to challenge researchers a wide range of concrete software engineering problems. Moreover, the project enables long lasting collaborations among the partners. In fact, the non-academic partners of the consortium constitute a spectrum of diverse natures, sizes, and missions.

Furthermore, BehAPI establishes well-structured relationships in order to attain virtuous feedback-loops between researchers, practitioners, and beneficiaries. These feedback-loops have been established at the beginning of the project and are part of the research process itself. The project fosters cross-fertilisation, advance knowledge, and develop skills of all partners and individuals.

DCR Solutions provides adaptive case management (ACM) solutions. In WP2, DCR Solutions is involved in the development of traceability mechanisms (with IT University of Copenhagen, University of Leicester, NOVA and

McAfee is an R&D centre that focuses on corporate cybersecurity products. McAfee contributes to the development of language for the specifications of quantitative requirements and analysis techniques for quantitative contracts

Xibis develops web and mobile applications for several application domains, ranging from retail, healthcare, transport and the public sector. Xibis collaborates in activities concerning the developing algorithmic traceability mechanisms between

Green by Web specialises in IOT applications that exploit data from the real world and use it to take informed decisions on the execution flow of the application and, possibly,

Ixaris provides solutions for online payment. The use-case of Ixaris  serves to exercise the techniques developed in the project for b-api refinement (in collaboration with University of Malta  and University

Bitland is a web agency that develop web services and restful APIs. Together with University of Malta, Ixaris, University of Bologna tackles the problem of service refinement in multi-party setting

Actyx has expertise in reactive programming and has greatly contributed to the development of AKKA. In BEHAPI, Actyx collaborates with University of Malta, NOVA and University of Buenos Aires in

University of Illinois has expertise on session types and interfaces, concurrent and distributed computing, sensor networks, formal methods, programming languages, programming synthesis, verification and semantics-based tools. The members of team