BehAPI Member and Work Package Leader Prof. Emilio Tuosto has been invited to give a talk at ASYDE 2020, a satellite event of SEFM. The talk is entitled Open Problems in Choreographic Development of Message-Passing Applications, and the following abstract gives more details to its content:

Communicating systems are ubiquitous and message-passing is gaining momentum as a suitable programming paradigm and coordination model. Design methods, tools, and programming approaches based on choreographies have attracted the attention of both academy and software industry. Important steps forward have been made thanks to the adoption of those techniques both in the realm of formal methods and for practical support to the engineering of message-passing software. Choreographies can be used at different stages of the development life-cycle of message-passing software. In fact, choreographies (i) are a suitable specification language, (ii) naturally enable model-driven development, and (iii) offer support to formal verification and to automatic code generation. Yet developing and reasoning about message-passing applications is difficult. After glossing over a few paradigmatic examples of techniques based on choreographies, this talk will highlight some of their limitations and discuss some open problems in choreographic development.

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